Katie Jayne Tutor Brand

Katie approached me to create a website and branding for her new company. She asked for an identity to represent her international experience and how she’s now come home.

Katie Jayne Tutor logo Katie Jayne Tutor businesscard Katie Jayne Tutor Website

The brand is simple, clean and modern. We wanted to use an icon as a stand-alone element. Showcasing the different areas of the business so the main brand icon set the style and the others followed after. This brand has been running for around 3 years now and is still being very well received.

Katie Jayne Tutor Website Katie Jayne Tutor Website Katie Jayne Tutor Website

The website is fully responsive and includes subtle scroll animation to help grab the attention of the visitors. I also created a set of icons for each service the company offers. It was important that it was as simple as possible, to enable the viewer to get in touch with any place on the site. All the information needed to be easily accessible.

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