St John Ambulance Campaign

St John Ambulance came to us and asked us to come up with campaigns to raise awareness of their courses or products using direct mail and HTML emails.

st john ambulance FAFM edm st john ambulance FAFM dd st john ambulance FAFM dd

This is a campaign for first aid and fire-marshalls. We came up with the idea of targeting each industry with unique stats to try to grab attention and make them aware of the number of injuries associated with their industry. It was really successful and SJA saw an increase in training booking directly after.

st john ambulance aed dd st john ambulance aed edm

For this campaign, we wanted to show the simplicity of the AED product and try to explain how it takes the pressure of the first aider. This was also the first campaign created for SJA to include responsive emails and it was the first responsive email SJA ever sent out!

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