Glenny Databook web app


Glenny are a market leader in the real estate sector and the only company that conducts a large scale annual market analysis across all their sectors which they publish and share across the industry.

While working at J2 I was asked to develop a digital product for Glenny’s to package their databook into a updatable app to allow them to push updates more regularly and make it easier for their users to share specific insights.

A key flow for this product was the on-boarding process we tested multiple flows and kept the navigation really simple. We wanted to focus the users at this stage to allow tailored data to be delivered to the user. All users were greeted with a market commentary overview from Glenny on successful completion of the on-boarding flow.

The key to this product was breaking down and categorising the information architecture in a way that allowed users to quickly filter down through the masses of data and find exactly what they need. This app is very data heavy so data visualisation was really important. We created multiple chart and table components to allow Glenny to quickly pull together complex information and display it to their users.

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