Craig Elve

Lead UX / UI Designer

Welcome to my website! I am a designer based in Hertfordshire and London. I am passionate about creating engaging and intuitive designs and brands that enhance the user experience. Please feel free to browse my portfolio and get in touch to discuss your design needs.

Clarks Global website

I was asked to work with one other designer at Like Digital to provide UX strategies and UI solutions with a focus on some key user journeys defined by the business.

SIRO Native App

I was asked to Lead this project for Like Digital to provide UX strategies and UI solutions and work closely with the developers to choose platforms and systems to make it all possible.

Noble Panacea website

NP is a very high end skincare brand, they focus on market leading research with use of famous endorsers and brand ambassadors. I was asked to Lead this project for Like Digital to provide UX and UI solutions for a replatform and re design of their website. I had to work closely with the client […]

Chaletbau Matti Website

I was briefed by Saentys to bring this offering to life through a very indulgent and beautiful website with a heavy focus on beautiful UI and animation

The Future Works Website

While working with the team at Saentys I was briefed to wireframe and design the Future Works website a new office development taking advantage of the newly opened Crossrail station right outside!

PI59 Website

While working with the team at Saentys i was briefed to wireframe and design the PI59 website. I also visualised the motion of the homepage as it had a unique scrolling animation.

Arsenal competition web app

That’s a Result! We were approached by Arsenal and Citroën brief to promote the partnership between Arsenal and Citroën to Arsenal fans…

Glenny Databook web app

We were asked to come up with a digital solution for Glenny’s databook. They wanted to be able to update more often and distribute the updates to their audience more effectively. 

Voca brand & app

Creating a brand and designing an app for a transportation service targeting rural areas in the UK involved more than just visual appeal—it required a deep understanding of user needs and technological integration to ensure seamless functionality and accessibility.


The opportunity to pitch for Termini’s brand and campaign creation for their new flagship office building in Sandyford, Dublin was a momentous invitation. At the heart of this venture was the focal point of emphasizing the site’s connectivity to the city, a critical selling feature tailored to attract the attention of the vast tech companies […]

111 Buckingham palace road

When tasked with pitching a campaign to promote the availability of the 4th floor at 111BPR, catering specifically to tech and media companies, our approach was centered on crafting a narrative that resonated with this discerning audience. Recognizing the need for a campaign that not only stood out but also encapsulated the essence of the […]

Satellite Brand

After Six months at Satellite, the directors entrusted me with a monumental task—to spearhead the rebranding of Satellite Creative. The challenge was multifaceted as it coincided with a studio refurbishment and a celebratory event marking Satellite’s remarkable 21 years in business. A pivotal aspect of this rebranding effort revolved around revamping the company’s digital presence, […]

Go move brand

When invited to pitch for the naming and rebranding of England Athletics’ under 11s athletics program, our focus was on crafting an identity that not only resonated with the young athletes but also reflected the essence of the program’s aspirations and values. Winning the pitch meant a commitment to breathing life into this brand and […]

Ale and coffee house brand

When approached by Casual Dining Group to assist in developing a brand for their pitch targeting two sites at Heathrow Airport, the task was to craft a compelling identity for a pub brand, marking their inaugural entry into this specific sector. Our collaboration involved a strategic approach to not just create a brand but to […]

Citroën C1

The Citroën C1 printed and digital brochure was our introduction to revamping the range. I played a significant role from the project’s start, guiding decisions on content segmentation, print artwork, and personally crafting the chosen illustrative direction, drawing each element myself.

C–RANGE brochures

After successfully crafting the C1 brochure, our next step was to extend the newly established brochure style to encompass all vehicles within the range. This involved a meticulous process of creating illustrations that highlighted each product’s unique personality and features. However, the challenge expanded beyond mere visual translation; we had to ensure these brochures seamlessly […]