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When invited to pitch for the naming and rebranding of England Athletics’ under 11s athletics program, our focus was on crafting an identity that not only resonated with the young athletes but also reflected the essence of the program’s aspirations and values. Winning the pitch meant a commitment to breathing life into this brand and shaping it into a vibrant, engaging entity.

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Our approach involved diving deep into understanding the program’s objectives, audience demographics, and the essence of athletics for young participants. The goal was to create a brand that not only encapsulated the energy and enthusiasm of the athletes but also fostered a sense of inclusivity and encouragement.

With a strategic blend of creativity and purpose, we embarked on a journey to name and conceptualise a brand that would not only stand out but also inspire and motivate young athletes. The brand development process focused on visual elements, messaging, and storytelling that resonated with the aspirations and spirit of under 11s participating in athletics.

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As the project evolves, our team is dedicated to bringing this brand to life—infusing it with energy, optimism, and a sense of camaraderie. Through collaborative efforts with England Athletics, we aim to create an identity that not only represents the program but also becomes a source of pride and inspiration for young athletes embarking on their athletic journeys.

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