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When approached by Casual Dining Group to assist in developing a brand for their pitch targeting two sites at Heathrow Airport, the task was to craft a compelling identity for a pub brand, marking their inaugural entry into this specific sector. Our collaboration involved a strategic approach to not just create a brand but to tailor it explicitly for the tender process.

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Understanding the significance of creating a standout proposition in the competitive airport environment, our team delved into conceptualizing a brand that resonated with the airport’s dynamic ambiance while retaining the inviting essence of a pub setting. We meticulously crafted a brand identity that merged the warmth and familiarity of a pub experience with the fast-paced, travel-centric atmosphere of Heathrow Airport.

Every element, from the brand’s name and logo to its visual identity and messaging, was thoughtfully designed to capture the essence of conviviality and comfort, curated specifically for the discerning audience frequenting the airport. The brand concept was centered around providing travelers with a welcoming space to unwind, fostering a sense of community amidst the bustling airport environment.

The brand development process catered precisely to the tender requirements, aligning with the vision that Casual Dining Group aimed to present. Our collaborative effort resulted in a brand identity that resonated deeply with the airport’s clientele, ultimately contributing to the success of Casual Dining Group’s pitch, securing them the coveted sites at Heathrow Airport.

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