Ale & Coffee House Brand

Casual Dining Group approached us to help them develop a brand to pitch for 2x sites at Heathrow Airport. They wanted to create a pub brand as their first step into this sector. We helped to develop the brand for the tender process which they later won.

alecoffeehouse icon alecoffeehouse logo alecoffeehouse signage

The Ale & Coffee House has been developed to look and feel a lot like a traditional pub brand. We wanted this brand to be able to roll out across different locations without losing the individuality of each pub. This led us to the idea of untraditional. Taking what is expected of a pub chain and giving it a little twist.

alecoffeehouse advert alecoffeehouse billboard alecoffeehouse glass alecoffeehouse cup alecoffeehouse beer mat

This was very well received, and the untraditional idea has been applied to the entire brand ethos. Everything from menus to drinks right through to the interiors of the pubs with each pub taking influence from its name – untraditionally!

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