The opportunity to pitch for Termini’s brand and campaign creation for their new flagship office building in Sandyford, Dublin was a momentous invitation. At the heart of this venture was the focal point of emphasizing the site’s connectivity to the city, a critical selling feature tailored to attract the attention of the vast tech companies based in Dublin. The objective was clear: crafting a brand that not only stood out but resonated profoundly with this audience.

Understanding the landscape, we recognised that a substantial element in reaching and engaging these tech giants lay within the digital realm. The brand and campaign needed to harness the power of digital offerings in advertising and website presence. This entailed crafting a narrative that highlighted not only the physical connections to the city but also the digital infrastructure and capabilities that would cater to the tech-savvy audience.


Our pitch aimed to encapsulate this essence—melding the physical proximity of Termini to Dublin’s bustling tech hub with an innovative, digitally savvy brand identity. We envisaged a campaign that seamlessly integrated both worlds, portraying Termini not just as a physical space but as a digital ecosystem primed for the needs of modern tech enterprises.

In essence, our strategy revolved around creating a brand narrative that bridged the physical and digital landscapes, amplifying Termini’s appeal to the tech-centric audience and positioning it as the epitome of connectivity, both in the physical and virtual realms.


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