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After Six months at Satellite, the directors entrusted me with a monumental task—to spearhead the rebranding of Satellite Creative. The challenge was multifaceted as it coincided with a studio refurbishment and a celebratory event marking Satellite’s remarkable 21 years in business. A pivotal aspect of this rebranding effort revolved around revamping the company’s digital presence, especially through its website.

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For the Satellite Creative rebranding project, the brand guidelines became a compass navigating the transformation. These guidelines meticulously detailed the refreshed brand identity, encapsulating the essence of Satellite’s evolution over 21 years. They outlined the updated logo usage, defining its variations, clear spacing, and minimum sizes for optimal visibility across digital and print mediums. The guidelines delved into the color palette, introducing a vibrant yet sophisticated spectrum reflecting Satellite’s innovative spirit. They specified typography choices for consistency in communication and outlined image guidelines, emphasizing the style and tone for visuals that resonated with Satellite’s brand persona. Additionally, these guidelines incorporated a distinct voice, defining the brand’s tone for messaging across various platforms. This comprehensive manual served as a foundation for maintaining consistency, ensuring that every element reflected the revitalized Satellite Creative identity across the website, marketing collateral, and beyond.

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Recognising the pivotal role of a website in today’s business landscape, we approached the rebranding with a digital-first mindset. The website served as the cornerstone of Satellite Creative’s online identity. It needed to encapsulate not only the refreshed brand essence but also narrate the journey of 21 years of excellence in the creative industry.

Our strategy entailed crafting a website that seamlessly wove together the new brand identity with a user-centric digital experience. We meticulously designed the website to reflect the refreshed Satellite Creative persona while ensuring intuitive navigation, compelling visuals, and engaging content. It became a digital canvas to showcase the evolution of Satellite’s creativity and expertise over two decades.

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