Satellite Brand

I had been working at Satellite for 6 months when the directors approached me. They asked me to re-brand Satellite creative. It was a daunting prospect and it was to coincide with a studio refurb and a party. Celebrating the 21st year of Satellite being in business.

satellite launch email satellite stamp satellite stationery

I wanted to freshen up the brand simplify and make it much more confident, I started by modifying the roundel and removing ‘creative’ from the name. Satellite isn’t a London agency, and I didn’t want to apologise for that, Created out of town was born!

satellite guideline document 1 satellite guideline document 2 satellite guideline document 3 satellite guideline document 4 satellite guideline document 5 satellite guideline document 6

We didn’t want the brand to be restrictive or fussy, so the guidelines are there purely as a guide. Use bold colours and always look for the circle in imagery. One font weight is to be used and that’s about it! Simple! The website is all about our work, I wanted to create a site that wasn’t the normal ‘agency’ site, Check it out here >. This has since been nominated for site of the day on the prestigious AWWWARDS.

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