Noble Panacea website

NP is a very high end skincare brand, they focus on market leading research with use of famous endorsers and brand ambassadors.

I was asked to Lead this project for Like Digital to provide UX and UI solutions for a replatform and re design of their website. I had to work closely with the client and the development team to ensure every component allowed for maximum flexibility, and keep in close contact with the development team to ensure all designs were validated and deliverable within the scope of the project.


One of the key parts of this project was mapping out all the components we needed site wide, this was very important as the build was quoted on a component basis. The first part of my job was to go through the pages of the current site and map key user journeys, in the process making note of every different component we might need and working out how minor changes to components could enable us to create everything we might need.


The UI for this site had to be clean minimal and very white. The client wanted the colour to come primarily from the imagery so we created a palette of warm greys and subtle colours with strong focus on elegant line work and detailing.


The routine finder questionnaire and the shelf builder was a key journey for NP part of the service they offer is a consultation to help you discuver the best products for your skin, this was their opportunity to bring that knowledge online and into a bundle builder.


I created a comprehensive and thoroughly documented design system for this project, i had to outline all the editable functionality and every element that was going to be customisable by the client, including examples of how and where they can use each component.

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